Songbringer pitches up next week on Switch

You don't have to be a huge studio to make an impact, just check out the Songbringer trailer to see how much UK developer Double Eleven has crammed into the Switch's screen and speakers. Every element from music, voice and each pixel makes me want to play this game.

It hits the Nintendo eShop next week, so not long to go.

Songbringer unfolds as protagonist Roq journeys across an alien planet that his ship crashes on. It provides adventure, dangerous encounters and more spiritual growth than he could have ever imagined. With help from his mustache-loving robot companion Jib, Roq must explore the perilous world before him, acquiring helpful items like a red party cup, navigating twisting dungeons while besting the freakish beasts within and learning more about the mysterious powers flowing through his temporary home as well as himself.

To add a unique flavour to each play, every time players begin a new save file, they’ll influence their journey’s overworld map design by choosing a six-letter seed. Songbringer’s world generation keeps each step of Roq’s quest unpredictable, allowing both for immense replayability or to ensure you’re exploring the same map a friend is playing through in their own game.

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