Hyper Parasite now live on Kickstarter

Arena shooter/brawler Hyper Parasite is now looking for funding on Kickstarter and looks like it will bag plenty of cash. If you like classics like Smash TV and Avenging Spirit, it gives them a modern take. Although the game feels incredibly modern - with the symbiotic nature of snatching hosts and utilising their own distinct skills and weaponry, the retro inspired visuals and stunning synth-wave soundtrack will drag players back kicking and screaming to the 1980s.

"We're really excited to finally be on Kickstarter with our game, and hope that the Pre-Alpha build showcases the game that HyperParasite will be when finished." said Saverio Caporusso, CEO of Troglobytes Games. "We hope that our fans sample the game and then pledge on the campaign. Our Discord channel is now live and we really look forward to hearing from you all on what you think of our game!"

Tricky Towers out today on Switch

WeirdBeard has the perfect social party puzzle game for those colder, darker autumn and winter evenings. A tower building physics game, players start off by choosing a wizard character, picking a brick style and selecting one of the several game modes for online or offline (local) play.

The objective is simple: stack your bricks, create a stable tower and out wizard your opponent with skills and spells. The outcome on the other hand is not so simple, resulting in everything from laughter, surprise, competitiveness or pretty much every other emotion.

The game will offer several free and paid DLCs - expect several free brick skins in-game, and consider getting yourself some tricks or treats with the Halloween pack, or great new characters such as Octodad via the Indie Friends DLC

Shadow of LootBox steals the Switch

Stately Snail's early pseudo-3D effort One More Dungeon has grown impressively to the thing of beauty and picked up a sci-fi glamour makeover along the way. Coming to Switch soon, it riffs on the industry's ludicrous obsession with loot boxes.

Shadow of Loot Box is an attempt to present what video games can become in the near future. Each level of this shooter is a reference to a popular trend in the modern game development industry. Will you be able to overcome the thorny path full of micro-transactions, loot boxes and bugs, resisting the temptation to use the in-game store?

Descent revamp dropping onto Switch in 2019

Descent was a PC classic, bringing 3D exploration, shooting and mining to the eager owners of early graphics cards. The revamp from Little Orbit looks all modern-and-shiny, but with a wide range of different ships and missions, plus multiplayer should have plenty of depth to it.

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams - Owltimate Edition swoops on to Switch

Wow, anyone else remember when the Giana Sisters were just a very dodgy Mario clone? Well, you can't keep these naughty girls down as they rock up in a Twisted Dreams - Owltimate Edition for Switch from Handy Games.

I'm guessing it is based on the PS3 game, with all the DLC, including Rise Of The Owlverlord plus 5 brand-new levels and new story cut scenes. That along with new music for the game from composer Chris Huelsbeck and Swedish band Machinae Supremacy might make this seem like a better deal at a hefty €/£/$29.99

Switch sales firm in Japan as Super Mario Party warms up for launch

Switch sales, according to Media Create, have dropped below 40,000 for the past couple of weeks, but still make up around 60% of all hardware sales in Japan. The top selling game in the latest game chart is visual novel Steins Gate Elite, selling a modest 13,300.

Super Mario Party out next week should help boost sales and Dark Souls Remastered later in October should be a big hit.

Pilot Sports putters over for Switch fliers

*Cough* Pilot Wings *Cough*, I bet German developer Z-Software are big fans, based on the quick peek at this relaxing aviation sports game hitting the Switch now. It features a range of jolly-looking jetpacks, planes and other exhilarating aircraft to fly across 50 breathtaking courses.

There are a range of different game, mission modes and challenges to encourage exploration of the tropical island around you, with plenty to discover and enjoy. Its out now on the US Switch store for $34.99.