Timey-wimey shooter SuperHot lands on Switch today

Gotta love Nintendo and their ability to drop games here-and-now, rather than waiting until forever. Enter SuperHot from SUPERHOT Team with the game on the eShop now, or very soon. The game pauses time when you stop, leaving you to figure out when to move to avoid the bullets, grab the guns or other weapons of the fallen.

Features for the Switch version include gyroscopic aiming, optional motion controls, smooth 60 FPS and support for docked and handheld play. Blurring the lines between cautious strategy and unbridled mayhem, SuperHot offers a set stylized graphics (similar to Volume), and is out for $25.

Streets of Rage 4 punching the Switch

First Switch news out of Gamescom, DotEmu's Streets of Rage 4 is headed to Nintendo's new toy, with new characters and locations in the update to the classic brawler. Would prefer a Renegade update myself, but this is still great news.

The latest character to the roster is Cherry Hunter, "daughter of Adam Hunter from the original Streets of Rage. Trained by her father and Axel, Cherry learned self-defense from a young age. Her interest in following in her father's footsteps and becoming a cop soon faded out, replaced by her love of music. Nowadays, she plays with her electro progressive rock band in some of the most dangerous places in Wood Oak City. She may look young but make no mistake - she is a seasoned veteran of kicking ass and taking names."

There's also a long list of indies coming to the Switch with Nintendo's latest pre-show event having just wrapped. Will highlight the best of those in the next few pieces.

Shantae and the Seven Sirens sings for the Switch

WayForward has revealed the title of its next bright-and-breezy platformer, Shantae and the Seven Sirens! Half-genie Hero was a blast on the Vita (and is on the eStore along with 2018's Pirates Curse) and the series bleeds love and attention to detail. shame we won't get the full 4K experience, but that's just a minor detail in the road to gorgeousness.

Shantae and the Seven Sirens sends the belly-dancing, hair-whipping, half-genie hero to a tropical island where Shantae and her friends encounter other Half-Genie allies, but they soon learn there’s trouble in paradise. 

 As Shantae gets caught up in the island’s sinister secrets, she’ll use all-new dance abilities and instant-transformation Fusion Magic to explore the nonlinear, interconnected world where she’ll visit multiple towns, overcome treacherous labyrinths, and battle dastardly bosses. The game also features a new collectible card system that grants players the freedom to augment Shantae’s powers to suit their own style of play.

Bubble Bobble 4 Friends exclusive to Switch

Taito's Bubble Bobble and Rainbow Islands remain among my favourite games from any generation, with perfectly formed arcade gameplay and characters of immense cuteness. With HD graphics and bags of effects, plus plenty of nods to the 8-bit era, there's still the classic gameplay, but with up to four-player local mode thanks to ININ, a little more on their page, here.

The game lands in November, hopefully without messing up those perfect scoring mechanics and the rush to escape the levels. If you can't wait, the NeoGeo version of the original Bubble Bobble is already on the eStore.

Also, it had better not anything like the monstrous screw up, Bubble Bobble Evolution from Opus on the PSP! Also, begs the question why the Taito Legends collections from the PS2 era haven't been updated for new consoles.

Far: Lone Sails review

Price: £11.99 eShop
Developer: Okomotive
Players: 1

Games vs art, discuss! Gameplay challenge vs the journey, argue! Actually, let's not bother. Just enjoy Far: Lone Sails for what it is, a placid journey through an sadness-tinged, epic post-industrial, landscape on board the good ship somethingorother.

Far: Lone Sails sees a little girl, apparently the daughter of an inventor, taking her steam engine cum landcrawler across a desert landscape, a dried-up sea-bed from some ecological nightmare, full of shattered industrial relics.

From the simple, like fractured beach boardwalks and groynes, floatsam and the wrecks of old piers to beached giant cargo vessels and submarines, the loom into view, littering the background and blocking the foreground, with a neat zoom feature bringing more of the land into view as the vessel picks up speed.

The engine mechanics, unexplained. The plot, just follow the story. The gameplay? Modest puzzle challenges at regular intervals break up the journey, with Lone Sails making good use of the colour red for any interactive points. They stands out against the muted, neutral tones and shades of the drifting sands, scudding clouds and dark storms ahead.

All the key action features of the landcrawler are red, the loader for the steam engine, the accelerator and steam release buttons that provides a nice boost, and the firefighting kit for when things go wrong. Lighting clues and odd arrow will get the little girl's craft up and moving, and around the land, crates of "water" can be found to keep refueling the vessel and moving onto the next interaction.

Sails can be added into the journey to help turn the vessel into a wind racer, while it has a winch to remove some obstacles, and the chokepoints in the game require only a little out-and-about exploring. There are some hints as to what happened to the world in the few buildings or machines you explore, but its really up to you to build your own internal monologue for the backstory, as the game isn't telling.

A couple of hours long, you might want to go back through it to see if you can make any further sense of things, but it looks like there's no multiple endings or secrets to uncover, so enjoy it the first time, with the gorgeous ambient soundtrack and the overall sense of timelessness that Far: Lone Sails presents.

There's lots of questions you might ask along the way, but for me this was such a sweet voyage that I didn't want to ruin it by over-thinking, just enjoying it for what Far: Lone Sails is.

Score 4/5 (review code provided)

Stranded Sails floats to the Switch

Signature Edition is bringing a  physical version of the desert island explore and farm fest, akak Explorers of the Cursed Islands. Along with your crew you are ship-wrecked on a mysterious archipelago. As the son/daughter of the gravely injured captain you take charge and set up a camp for the survivors. Since food resources are limited you plant your own crops and establish a small farm.

Your goal is to eventually build a new ship. So you search all islands for useful treasures and forage deeper and deeper into the wilderness. On your excursions many exciting quests await you – as well as numerous dangers and threats. Will you solve the secret of the cursed islands? It's the only way to escape. Awaken the adventurer deep inside!The LE, bobbing to shore in October includes:

  • Region free copy of Stranded Sails - Explorers of the Cursed Islands 
  • Signature Edition Sleeve and Box
  • Art Card
  • Numbered Certificate
  • Two exclusive enamel pins (featuring Fritz and a parrot)
  • Quality enamel anchor keyring
  • Art Book
  • Treasure Map

Mary Skelter 2 freaks the Switch in October (plus original)

Idea Factory's Mary Skelter: Nightmares was a Vita release with bags of personality and quirk, plus a blood transfusion system for all the neat attacks and powers, to make it stand out from the usual DRPGs. Now the sequel is coming to Switch (digital only) with a release on 22 October, and packs in the original for good measure.

Mary Skelter 2 evolves the core elements in Mary Skelter: Nightmares to bring to you a world teeming with twists and turns, topped with a new battle feature where the previous protagonist, Jack, is now a Nightmare. Players can use his Nightmare powers to defeat enemies, but at a maddening cost. Set in an alternate reality that includes familiar characters from the first installment, players must relive the torturous dungeon experiences and find ways to feed an almost insatiable prison. Will you be able to escape this prison and find sanctuary or will you fall into the clutches of madness?

GungHo brings Grandia HD to Switch

Game Arts' Grandia II was one of my first Dreamcast RPGs and has left a little hole in my heart that needs filling. Along comes GungHo with the classic Grandia RPGs including the PSone original, updated with enhanced graphics for the UI, sprites, and texture art.


Key Features include:

  • Real-time, turn-based action - Experience and employ a unique action bar system for real-time fighting with distinct characters
  • Magic-based combat - Gather Mana Eggs to learn and use magic-based skills, ranging from elemental attacks to character-enhancing magic for defense and offense statistical boosts
  • Illustrious worlds to explore - The vibrant worlds in GRANDIA HD Collection include nostalgic starter cities such as Parm (GRANDIA) and Carbo Village (GRANDIA II) to iconic fields and areas such as The End of the World (GRANDIA) and Valmar's Moon (GRANDIA II)
  • Gather Skill Points and ATTACK! - Skill Points or Skill Coins can be used to earn incredibly intense moves that make for an extraordinary fighting experience
  • Eclectic Enemy Encounters - The worlds of GRANDIA and GRANDIA II bring forth a plethora of challenging and epic enemies in the wild, as well as main storyline bosses
  • Ear-Indulging, Melodious Compositions - Experience world exploration, momentous battles, and legendary in-game experiences in beautiful harmony with musical compositions from acclaimed Japanese composer Noriyuki Iwadare
Here's some footage of the HD versions in action from e3...

Playable graphic novel Liberated rewrites the script on Switch

Graphic novels, the epicenter of my teenage life. How good would they have been if you could dive into the story and get involved? Here comes Liberated to see if that's possible, from the excellent dev hotspot in Warsaw/Krakow, Poland thanks to studio Atomic Wolf. A hand-drawn comic book story that seamlessly transitions into fully playable sequences as you fight for what’s right using stealth, wits, and firepower! It has a 2019 release date, so keep your eyes peeled.