Kirby Star Allies dominates Japan's charts

Kirby Star Allies sold 222,031 retail copies in Japan's latest Media Create chart, to easily take the No. 1 spot. That helped kick Switch hardware sales up by 10K, bringing sales neatly into line with the post-launch period. From now we'll see just what hardware legs the Switch has, this week it is crushing PS4 sales by 32,000!

Also out last week, Attack on Titan 2 makes a fairly scattershot entry across multiple formats, selling:

No. 3 PS4 - 28,480
No. 4 Switch - 22, 941
No. 8 Vita - 15, 261

Also out across several formats, Winning Post 8 looks like it is approaching the end of its race, selling minimal numbers across the main formats. 

No. 11 PS4 - 8,459
No. 17 Vita - 3,837
No. 18 Switch - 3,745

Full data here, last set of figures here.

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