Does the Switch really need All-Star Fruit Racing?

The Switch has Mario Kart, so does it really need another "fun" racing game? Well, All-Star Fruit Racing is willing to give it a go! Developed by Italian outfit 3DCloud and published by PQube, the arcade racer offers multiplayer fun with vibrant worlds filled with incredible action. Players can drift through looping bends, soar over monumental jumps and defy gravity around tubular tracks in an explosively colourful racer bursting with championships, modes and awe-inspiring sights

The game is out in July and features a career mode, seaons and the "fun" of "devastating" fruit-based moves with the innovative Juicer power-up system. Players collect different types of fruit as they race to fill up The Juicer's liquid tanks, then custom-combine the juice tanks' power to let loose a combo power-up.

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