Gore, Guns and Cannoli 2 takes aim at the Switch

Launching on PC in March but in development for Switch and other consoles,is a frenetic mafioso shooter with a great sense of humour and hand-drawn visuals. From developer Crazy Monkey, it moves the original story on 15 years, setting the scene for mob shenanigans against a WWII backdrop with online and local co-op (on the PC version). Maybe see it on the Switch later in the year!

Using a ridiculous arsenal of weapons, players can blast their way through across the levels with a new weapon wheel and full 360° aiming. That combined with improved mobility of good old Vinnie lets players easily shoot everything that moves.

Note, while there isn't a Switch logo on the game's site it is mentioned in the press release, so rest assured Switch owners will be able to fight Nazis, zombies and aliens all in the one game! 

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