Tennis in the Face Review

Developer: 10Tons
Size: 50MB
Players: 1

There's a worry that the Switch will become a dumping ground for mobile ports and low-rent indies. But, so far, the platform seems to be holding up quite well. Even Tennis in the Face, originally a free Flash game, then mobile title, now on just about every format, which is about as low as we'd want to go, provides a great set of challenges, and is brilliant fun for younger gamers.

The aim is simple, help washed-up tennis pro Pete take on the corporate evil of Explodz and their hyper-toxic energy drink that sweeping his town. All you have to do is knock out the clowns, police or other enemies on each level, using as few of your limited tennis balls as possible.

There are bits of landscape to help guide the balls, and exploding piles or multi-balls among the other hazards or benefits tucked away, once you get past the first tutorial levels. Low cost and great fun, Tennis in the Face shouldn't scare gamers with its small size or low-cost, just accept it as one of those fun little diversions that most will enjoy.

There's 100 levels of accurate serving needed to get the crowns and rewards with being an ace, with bonus games and online leader boards to add to the challenge. Some levels are pure aim and fire while others have a grenade-like trajectory path, and you need to master both skills to get a good score.

Get stuck and just whacking the ball around will often help provide a solution, often a quite unexpected one. All of this fun is jollied along by the ragdoll doom that your enemies suffer in various ways.

Score: 3/5

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